Life is Now

by winteryder


Mazama Glacier, Mt. Adams 07.12.2015

(I wrote this on 08.18.15  – I never posted it, never shared it, until now)


I reached deep into my bag of excuses. Each one had the potential to define me in a way that made me shudder. Too lazy. Too fat. Too slow. Too late. Too little time. Too little sleep. Too much food. Too little food. Too busy. Too tired. Excuses are interesting little fellows. They offer insight into the bullshit we choose to believe instead of taking action.
Stop wishing. Start doing.

Each excuse is tied to a wish. If only I were (lighter, stronger, faster, better trained, more disciplined)… and my least favorite expression of ALL TIME: “Oh, how I wish…” When I hear or see this phrase, I get stabby. Seriously stabby.

Today, I’m adding a “k” to all my “too-s” and making it this: TOOK lazy, TOOK fat, TOOK all the damn things… harnessed them… and got on my bike. Took myself to work.

Today, I’m taking all of it. I’m taking it as it is. Taking the good with the bad and simply DOING.

Wishing gets in the way of getting things done. You don’t have to believe everything you think. With every excuse you decide to override, a replacement occurs. Strength shows up in the bag. A sense of humor overrides the need for perfection. Endurance replaces laziness. Planning replaces a whole rack of silliness (not enough sleep, not enough food, not enough time). Before you know it, you’ve replaced rotten habits with sustainable ones.


Get after it. Life won’t wait.


* * *

Since writing this seven months ago- I’ve shredded off fifty pounds of body fat. I’ve increased strength and performance in every way. I lived my own words. I took the ‘backpack’ off.

Today, I’m sharing these words with you.