by winteryder

Otto lake sunset

July Sunset   – Otto Lake, Healy  AK –

At the edge of the dawn, where sky-lights pierce indigo blue and the waning crescent moon dances toward the horizon, the distant mountains begin to glow as if lit on fire from within. The first etching of pastel orange, yellow, pink and lavender begins to warm the far corners of the sky.

Not a soul among us would argue down a beautiful sunrise. It knows no gender, it knows no limitations, it simply IS. The sun rises regardless of whether or not we wake in time to acknowledge it. Sunrise and sunset occur whether or not we make the effort to put ourselves in a position to see them as they are.

I love that this understanding is mirrored in the minds and eyes of children. Before they know limitations, before they know societal parameters, they know beauty in its purest and most raw form: a thing which stands alone and radiates authenticity and light exactly as it is. Beautiful.

To be childlike again, to let go of self-imposed limitations and rules, to express who and what we genuinely are in our own individual and authentic way… that is beautiful. Inarguably. Undeniably. Quintessentially.


A human who has embraced the whole of who they are and who is actively engaged in the business of living out loud is a beautiful human. Wrinkled, scarred, calloused, flawed… softened, edged, hardened, brilliant… a force of nature, untethered. Unleashed. Unbound. UnSilenced.

Find what makes your heart and soul dance. Do that. Do it more often, with greater intention. Infinitely. The invisible embrace of all that is beauty will find you, recognize you, sing you home to yourself.

“Following your bliss” is bullshit. Source your own happiness from an uncapped well inside yourself. Become that.

Chasing happiness (or beauty or comfort or satisfaction or security or anything, for that matter) is about as useful and productive as making ropes out of sand. You may create the illusion, the perfectly crafted sand castle version of a rope… but just try to pick it up, to use it in everyday life. Ahhhh…. Everyday life. The messy, chaotic, real, tangible, unpredictable, mundane tapestry that is the woven composite of our existence.

Beauty. Happiness. Love. Truth.

These things stand alone. They simply are. We either align with them or we do not. They are seen in different lights, they are as dynamic and changeable as a sunset… but as certain as the seasons. Instinctively, like children, we know this. We know the difference. Unlike our smaller counterparts, we quickly put the lid on the inconvenient boxes in real life and opt out of the lessons they contain. We are afraid. We’ve learned that loss equals grief, and grief is pain and pain is bad (right?) and, and, and… we are stuck. In a loop.

Step off the treadmill of self-inflicted suffering. Stop avoiding discomfort.

Start living.

That? Is Beautiful.