Pocket Letters

by winteryder



You. Yes, you.

You are worthy of love.

You are whole and amazing and perfect- exactly as you are, right now.

You have everything you need.

You ARE everything you need.



Inhale acceptance.

Exhale compassion.

Be ridiculously grateful for the strength in your legs, your arms, your heart.



Your heart and hands are open

Not grasping, not clutching, not gripping relentlessly.

You have let go.

The emptiness is the space between thoughts.



In yourself.

Look over your shoulder, glance down the trail you’ve been trekking

The valleys, the ridgelines, the steep and exposed cliff-sides

The river crossings that took more than they gave

You did that.

* * *
Take what you need today: copy it. Paste it. Print it, if you want to. Carry it with you in your pocket. Take it out and read it when it hurts to breathe.

Get up. Take the next step. That little one. And the next.

You’ve got this.