I Hope you Dance

by winteryder

The measure of human growth is in the ability to feel and express pure, unadulterated, simple joy. To welcome good news with open arms, to trust that situations and people can be truly good.

When the stone of sorrow is rolled off your shoulders, can you fling your arms open wide and tilt your face toward the sun? Can you hold the precious pebbles of contentment in open hands? Can you inhale and exhale wonder?

It’s a beautiful thing to have friends that are willing to share your joys as well as your sorrows. Today, I’m giving a universal fist-bump to everyone who reads this.

Today, I have clean running water in my own home for the first time since November, 2013. There aren’t even words to express the depth of relief at having that basic human need met.

Today, I’m not borrowing tomorrow’s troubles. I am just profoundly happy. Thankful. I have danced with the unknown, by choice, throughout the good years and the difficult ones- today, I’m just dancing.