A Blessing for One Who is Alone

by winteryder

Now the rains will come and you will feel each drop

and you will learn to be your own shelter

Now the cold of winter and loneliness will sit deep in your bones

and you will be the fire, you will tend your own hearth

in the silence and the sacred stillness left behind.

You have been gifted with a doorway to a new life

as you step across this threshold, your strength and determination

your laughter, sunlight and song will be your companions

as you fully inhabit each day of your own life.


Treat yourself with respect, give the kindness to the One

who deserves it most: You. Precious, beautiful You.

Give the highest priority to self-care, to tenderness

gentleness and kindness that you truly need and deserve

and when frustration, difficulty, fear and loss

knock at your door, remember that they’ve come

to teach their lessons-

Learn them well.

Stormrider, you have learned to thrive in desperate places

to find light long after the candle has been blown out.

give yourself the gift of freedom today

and choose to love yourself, to BE acceptance, compassion

Choose You.