Make it Count

by winteryder

“Never get into the thick of thin things.”

It’s a saying that likely had its last heyday around 1880, but when you dissect the words as they were used in centuries past, it’s astonishingly sound advice. What the hell is a “thin thing”? (Would you dive headfirst into a shallow pool more than once?)

Oh, sure. We have reams of quotes (generally by the paragraph) to tell us how to feel and when and how not to antagonize or cause a “micro-aggression”. We have ‘trigger warnings’ and sensitivity training. We have the one percent and the ninety-nine percent and the liberals and the conservatives and all the corporations in between. We police each other and judge and grand-jury at will, issuing indictments of other human beings and not an ounce of any of it yields a good crop. We’ve stopped planting seeds of kindness and watering them with smiles- we’ve cut down the shade trees and turned them into soapboxes.

Everyone’s a wounded albatross these days, each carries their offenses and swords in unequal measure; far easier it is to dole out rage than to mind one’s own business.

Yet, with every happy-thumb-typed post or comment… did you improve on silence? Did you make the world a better place today with something written or said or shared?

My daughter pointed out yesterday that without conflict, a relationship is neither complete nor healthy. I wanted to counter, to argue, to disagree- and that proved her point. The way in which we initiate and resolve conflict is the measure of who we are.
It is human nature to want to be understood, accepted. Today, get in ‘the thick’ of acceptance. First, of yourself. Then, beyond.

Kindness is no shallow pool; graciousness is not a polluted river. As you navigate the hard knocks, the white water rapids and the sweepers in your own life… remember to share some gentle, some kind, some good around the campfire of your nights. Make practical magic with your coffee: use your thumbs to send a text to a friend and let them know that they matter to you. Make time for actual face to face conversation with those whose presence makes you want to be a better human being.

* * *