Sunrise Thoughts

by winteryder

Sunrise Camp, Mt. Adams

Sunrise Camp, Mt. Adams

I love to read the posts and stories written by every-day adventurers. Really, really read them. Not just skim for content and read-to-respond… but rather, absorb to reflect. Consume.

Words written sparingly, thoughtfully, on the heels of hard won experience and subsequent wisdom tend to be as touchable and reachable as river rock: polished by the tumbler of life’s waves and boulders.

Words you can carry in your pocket.

Words that inspire a person to refuel and recharge and begin to create. It’s a cycle, a necessary one. Without the pocket poems and sparked memories, we’d just be storehouses for our experiences instead of storytellers. Magicians.

I read a quote the other day that made me laugh out loud: “The Universe is not your Pinterest board”. In other words…

Create- don’t curate- your amazing life.

* * *