by winteryder

What if every single one of us woke up today with ONLY today as reference?

All good and bad of yesterdays gone by- expunged. No PRs. No wins, no losses. No frame of reference for the Now.

What if?

What if we woke up with a gentle curiosity about the body we live in? What can it do? Where will it take me today?

What if we could truly see the people who share our lives from day to day for only and exactly Who they are right Now. Would they make you smile? Laugh out loud? Would your smile be the whole world to them?

What if?

What if we could see this single day as a stand-alone. Each moment only defined by exactly what is occurring. What if we could gift ourselves the unbounded delight of gentle appreciation for our own hands and feet? The childlike wonder that comes with imagining where they’ve been, how far they’ve traveled, who they’ve held, where they’ve walked?

What if there was no Expectation Board to report to? What if you could walk the halls, the corridors of your job, your home, your life, and see it- and yourself within it- and just pause to consider. Is this for me? Is this where I should be? Is this where I have been? For how long? Why? Why not?

What if today was your First Day? The first day of the rest of your life? What if you weren’t traced with memories of the person you once were, things you once accomplished, efforts that discouraged, failed, broke you? What if you could simply, gently, courageously, curiously look forward?

How amazed would you be to see yourself pick up heavy things? How fantastic to realize, one little piece at a time, how incredibly talented and wise you are? How delicious to feel your own feet hit the floor in your own boots and wonder where they might take you today? How curious would you be about how your clothes fit? (or why you wore boots and clothes to bed in the first place)

Which muscle groups make them tight in which places? How friendly would you be to this beautiful stranger who knows you so exquisitely well? How much love and kindness and pure amazement would you bring to that first cup of espresso shared with that one who makes you smile from the heart?

Who would you be today if you were wholly just in this one single moment? This one precious day?

What would you do with your day? With no memories of past record performances, would you still feel compelled to run? To climb? To ride? To swim? To CrossFit? To go harder, stronger, more fiercely?

What would call your name? What things would you choose to name You? Where would these powerful legs, lungs and heart take you today? Would they take you gently to new heights? To places where the sun rises above a giant bank of clouds? Would they take you to quieter places? Where would you go if you only had to answer to This Day?

What kindness would you offer? Which friends would forever remain unknown- their lack of contact initiative left in 2014? Which people would you choose as Family?

What if today were that day? This day?

What if it is?


Window to the world