Count on yourself.

by winteryder

I woke up this morning feeling restless, like my mind was trying to crawl out through my ears. The overwhelm of emotional fallout from the lead-up to this election has been difficult to avoid. I choose to live without internet connection or television at home and have only sporadic cell phone service from my cabin. Even so, the inundation of negative political noise for the past couple of months has been exhausting.

I voted early, on October 20th (the first day it was available), and chose to disengage with the latter part of the vicious cycle.

Last night, I ventured out to a locally owned venue where the owner ran for and successfully won a district seat. As the results trickled in, the atmosphere was overwhelmingly encouraging, positive and measured with a hefty serving of intelligent conversation, good humor and laughter in spite of the election fallout.

People, we have a choice. Each of us. Every day. We can either put some good back into the world by BEING the Good, the positive, the inspirational- or we can be the opposite. It’s not about winning or losing (elections, races, challenges or games). It’s about looking at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and actually LIKING the person that is staring back at you.

Do your part. Think for yourself. Don’t get lazy and apathetic and slacktivist. Don’t be a social media whiner just for the sake of being ‘heard’. And don’t be part of The Herd. Driven by crowd-think, humans are as susceptible as lemmings to rushing right over a cliff.

Be kind. Be gentle. First, with yourself.

Challenge your own closely-held and treasured ‘beliefs’. If you only adhere to these when it’s convenient, it’s likely not part of your belief system- it’s an accessory.

What have you actually DONE lately? Do your actions truly support the words/ideals you share?

Feel all the feelings. And then get back to the business of making the world around you a better place.

Count on yourself.

That? Is actual change.