Do the work.

by winteryder

Satisfaction and contentment are the products of engaging fully in life, choosing to be awake and aware and connected to both the good and the difficult that find us each and every day.

Many times, when I realize that I’m procrastinating and delaying, I find that I’ve filled the void with distraction (activity, food, alcohol, more activity).

The law of diminishing returns applies rather perfectly in this case: the more I try to avoid a necessary endeavor and try to fill the space with something else (any Good thing, when used as a distraction, becomes wrong for me in that moment), the unhappier and less productive I become.

The butterfly of happiness rests quietly in open hands. Hands that have done the work.

Don’t try to grab it, don’t (for the love of all that’s sacred) drug it, kill it and pin it to a board so you can admire The Happiness long after it’s dead.

Do the work. Open your hands and heart. Watch and wonder as happiness arrives softly, then let it fly.

There is more work to be done.